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CV Forwarding Services

CV Forwarding Services

Over 90% of our applicants landed interviews

Because you have an alluring CV/resume does not ensure that anybody will see it. Our CV forwarding services will convey your CV/resume to UAE and Karachi, Pakistan spotters and bosses effectively looking for new talent in all fields. CV appropriation does not mean messaging your CV to a huge number of bosses or enrolment specialists. We do keep up refreshed key contact databases and it does present your CV legitimately to individuals responsible for contracting. Our email database incorporates free zone organizations, privately owned businesses, selection representatives, government and semi-government, key contact people, HR chiefs, entrepreneurs and leaders in different associations. Our email servers are worked with spam insurance innovation ensuring than your CV is sent straightforwardly to inbox and not spam envelopes. The benefits of this CV forwarding services are unfathomable.

Where Do We Forward?

Dolphin Advertisers has excellent exposure in the job market of UAE, GCC and Pakistan. Hence the mileage of a job seeker will be excellent. We have a proper head hunting networking strategy that gives the most benefit. Our CV forwarding services in Pakistan are time saving, and harassment free. Also it helps in good professional placement which will assist in professional growth of the individual in their relevant job field.

How We Do It?

Dolphin Advertisers follow the steps like:

  1. Selection of recruiters
  2. Completion of formalities related to CV forwarding

What Do We Ask for?

The specifications that we keep in mind are:

  1. Candidate’s job function
  2. Expected salary
  3. Opted and suitable industry sector
  4. Relevant job level
  5. Employment type
  6. And most importantly geographical location

Why Choose Us?

  1. We forward more CV’s than any other company in the UAE, GCC and Pakistan.
  2. Our bundles are exceptionally moderate.
  3. Our most recent ultra-speed email servers can send and follow CV’s easily.
  4. We utilize the most noteworthy quality, most exact databases in the UAE, GCC and Pakistan quest for new employment industry.
  5. We keep your CV on our competitor database forever.

Why You Must Forward Your CV?

Let’s face it! Looking for some kind of employment is diligent work. Yet, it shouldn’t be. Enrolling on different locales and filling in many forms is a torment. Give us a chance to secure positions and remove this issue. CV forwarding is the best method for getting a new line of work in UAE, GCC and Pakistan. Put your CV/resume in the hands of thousands of focused selection representatives and employing organisations that have present place of employment openings. They are sitting tight for your CV/resume now.

Quit making due with a vocation; find your profession! And let us help you in finding your perfect dream job.


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